The Company


Established in 2002 in Rio de Janeiro, Macnor Marine - Maritime Cluster of Norway - is a consultancy and agency company, dedicated to Brazilian naval industry.

In Brazil , the company represents a select number of exclusive European companies , in their most Norwegians , traditional equipment providers and leaders in the world market.

In equipment division, we split into 2 subdivisions. The first is the general equipment division such as air conditioning (HVAC), propulsion systems , cranes , vacuum toilets , Galley and laundry, rescue and patrol boats , Fifi , valves , deck machinery , among others.

The other division is dedicated to the Oil Recovery – Spill accidents, the ORSV vessels (OIL SPILL) where we have equipment such as the boom ( Barrier ) , FiFi 1 - Dispersant system , and the Tug boat to tow the Boom.

Macnor Marine 's philosophy beyond marketing and sales , special attention to after-sales , and general services . It is important for the owner and the yard , our main clients , to have the service of each foreign equipment represented by a national labor , for several reasons . Since prompt answer on claims, to the economy with travel , hotels, transport , and it is this facility that Macnor Marine line develops and invests for the most interested in, that is our customer.

NBCCIn 2018 we became members of the Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (NBCC).