Macnor Marine - Services division

Division dedicated to optimize the life of the equipment minimizing the chances of problems that may result in a down-time / off -hire of the vessel , causing problems to our customers in the offshore market.

We operate in commissioning / start-up of our equipment, technical inspections, repairs (corrective maintenance), training / courses and preventive maintenance projects.

Macnor Marine has a team of technicians and engineers trained and certified Brazilians in Europe, possessing expertise in Mechanical , Hydraulic , Electrical and Automation.

Services performed:

Macnor- Supervision of Installation / Pre commissioning

- Commissioning (technical guarantee - accreditation of start up of the equipment for warranty purposes)

- Preventive maintenance (periodic visits with inspection and compliance checklist of equipment) - Annual Contract

- Corrective Maintenance (repair and supply of spare parts required for the repair kit.

The importation can be made by Macnor Marine. We are specialists in:

     - Pump repairs (vacuum , hydraulic)
     - Repairs tears and damages in PVC boom (Barrier)
     - Repair on Fiberglass and Fender of rescue boats

- Operational Training / Conservation / Certification (basic and comprehensive courses on-board operation and maintenance of equipment).

- Annually and every five years - Basic Inspections / Compliance Checklist for equipment.

- Special Inspections - ABNT NRB - ISO 4309 - We are certified to inspect and give compliance in different types of STEEL CABLES.

- Special Inspections - Compliance Audit on ships dedicated to the oil spill in the sea (OSRV) - Certification given only indicated or authorized by Petrobras.